Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Phone rang.

Hello? Erin?
This is Dr. S.
Oh. Hey.
Listen, I was thinking. You should contact that guy you auditioned for and just ask when you'll know. Because you have some decisions to make.
Oh, yea. I was thinking about doing that tomorrow.
Why not today?
Well, because it's after business hours.
Well, why not shoot him an email?
Ok. I'll do that now.
It's just, you need to know. And I think you'll do better, regardless. Because then you'll know.
Yea, that's probably right. I try not to choke.
And depending on what he says, I'll have a glass of champagne for you in celebration or to sink your sorrows into. She laughs.
Heh. Yea. I told my friend that when I found out that if I got in I'd spend my next paycheck on booze for a party, and if I didn't I'd spend my next paycheck on booze.
She laughes.
Don't worry, I only worked like twice. It's not including Easter week. Not a big paycheck. I scratch at my hand. Find that I'm crying.

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