Friday, December 26, 2008

Pro: Jack has been over. And sleeping in my bed with me. And my family loves him.
Con: Jack is a dog.
Pro: Jack is a really good cuddler.

Pro: I've acquired/purchased a ton of new music lately.
Con: I'm having trouble allowing myself to thoroughly enjoy the new Britney Spears CD
Pro: What am I saying, it's a great CD.

Pro: I got to bake for Christmas Eve.
Con: Everything went wrong. EVERYTHING. First, the cranberry cakes I made came out as crumbles. Which would have been fine, if I wanted crumble. I wanted two nine-inch rounds that fell apart after taking almost twice the amount of time to cook and cooling for the designated time. Then the cookies I made were too rich. Then the poppyseed cake I made as a backup didn't cook in time, so I had to slice it and toast it at our friend's house. Where it was still raw in spots.
Pro: .... it tasted good? This was a bummer.

Pro: I leave in 8 days!
Con: zOMFG What if I'm not ready? What if I forget to pack socks? It has happened before. What if something happens? What if the plane falls from the sky? What if they laugh at me? What if I get so lost and end up somewhere else entirely? What if the plane falls from the SKY? What if I run out of my prescriptions and insurance won't let me fill them in Austria? What if I run out of plane pills and worry constantly that the plane will fall from the sky? What if something happens to my family when I'm over there? What if something happens to a friend? How will I ever fit all of my stuff in one tiny suitcase? WHAT IF THE PLANE FALLS FROM THE SKY?
Pro: .... 8 days!
Con: I probably should learn my music for my audition...
Pro: 8 DAYS!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Things that have made me feel better the last few days:
-My visa arriving in the mail. At first, I was confused: the consulate sent me back my SASE with my original documents, passport photos (in the same baggie), and my passport. That was it. Freaked me out because my time window is constantly shrinking. No letter, no nothing. Then I opened up my passport to find something titled "Visum" pasted in the middle. While my dad and I were questioning the validity (and yes, we figured it was a visa, but were thrown off by the lack of letter), Eli walks in, quickly and quietly tells us that "visum" is German for "visa" (really?), and asks if I'm a dumbass.
-Snow. As frustrating as it is to not be able to get out of the house, I've enjoyed spending time with Kawika and my family.
-Being away from campus. I'm missing some people already, and hopefully by the time I come back from Vienna I'll miss everyone. But right now, it's great to be away from some people.

I do wish the snow would GTFO. I am so jaded by snow now. Maybe this means I'm becoming an adult.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

First post

So this will officially be the blog that I use for Vienna... Which I guess can start today, because I got my visa application back in the mail. Thank you, Austria. It cost me over $60 to mail that overnight, and now I have to pay again to get that to LA.

I'm a little stressed out. I'm worried that in my attempts to pack light I'm going to forget something crucial, like, oh, all of my shoes, or my medications, or my laptop. You know. Stuff that's slightly important.

This is my last week of classes-specifically, my last three days. I have three papers due this week, and then three finals and seven juries the week after. And then I'm done with UPS for a nice long time. I'm looking forward to the break from most of the people here (even though there are a handful of people who I will miss terribly).