Sunday, December 7, 2008

First post

So this will officially be the blog that I use for Vienna... Which I guess can start today, because I got my visa application back in the mail. Thank you, Austria. It cost me over $60 to mail that overnight, and now I have to pay again to get that to LA.

I'm a little stressed out. I'm worried that in my attempts to pack light I'm going to forget something crucial, like, oh, all of my shoes, or my medications, or my laptop. You know. Stuff that's slightly important.

This is my last week of classes-specifically, my last three days. I have three papers due this week, and then three finals and seven juries the week after. And then I'm done with UPS for a nice long time. I'm looking forward to the break from most of the people here (even though there are a handful of people who I will miss terribly).

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