Friday, December 26, 2008

Pro: Jack has been over. And sleeping in my bed with me. And my family loves him.
Con: Jack is a dog.
Pro: Jack is a really good cuddler.

Pro: I've acquired/purchased a ton of new music lately.
Con: I'm having trouble allowing myself to thoroughly enjoy the new Britney Spears CD
Pro: What am I saying, it's a great CD.

Pro: I got to bake for Christmas Eve.
Con: Everything went wrong. EVERYTHING. First, the cranberry cakes I made came out as crumbles. Which would have been fine, if I wanted crumble. I wanted two nine-inch rounds that fell apart after taking almost twice the amount of time to cook and cooling for the designated time. Then the cookies I made were too rich. Then the poppyseed cake I made as a backup didn't cook in time, so I had to slice it and toast it at our friend's house. Where it was still raw in spots.
Pro: .... it tasted good? This was a bummer.

Pro: I leave in 8 days!
Con: zOMFG What if I'm not ready? What if I forget to pack socks? It has happened before. What if something happens? What if the plane falls from the sky? What if they laugh at me? What if I get so lost and end up somewhere else entirely? What if the plane falls from the SKY? What if I run out of my prescriptions and insurance won't let me fill them in Austria? What if I run out of plane pills and worry constantly that the plane will fall from the sky? What if something happens to my family when I'm over there? What if something happens to a friend? How will I ever fit all of my stuff in one tiny suitcase? WHAT IF THE PLANE FALLS FROM THE SKY?
Pro: .... 8 days!
Con: I probably should learn my music for my audition...
Pro: 8 DAYS!

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