Monday, February 23, 2009

Crisis has a negative connotation, but it really means an event that brings on change.

Today we were listing defining moments in one's life. Before reading what Someone and Rahe thought were the most defining moments (there's a list of 43 taken from mental patients of events that lead to crisis), we had to list our top five,

That's easy. Number three is Zombie Apocalypse. I filled out the rest of my list.

5. Potty Training
4. The Third Person You Sleep With
3. Zombie Apocalypse
2. Oversleeping on Free Waffle Day

I pause on Number One. My professor comes by. She glances at my notebook, as I try to cover my list with my hand. She sees the first two and looks at me, asks how I'm doing. I say fine. Slide my hand a little more. Don't make them think you're weird, don't make them think you're weird. I write out some list, including such basic events as "Getting Married" and "Having Kids," and "Living Out Every Barbie Fantasy Moment with Ambiguous Genitalia."

1. Having your professor read over your shoulder at the worst possible time (maybe second to the drawings I make in Women Lit, usually Underwater Kitchen Appliances and Squid)

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