Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Ok, can we just continue to talk about this girl I hate?

I really wouldn't hate her that much, I think, if she didn't for some reason think we were friends. She's at my apartment right now, "studying" with my roomate. Since our assignment is to write a term paper and Girl I Hate (GIH) is finished with hers, I wish she would just gtfo.

She is mean to everyone. This is coming from me. I'm not always nice. But I don't say mean things to everyone in public. I don't try and humiliate people in classes. I don't interrupt people while they're speaking in class. I can't say I'm great at not interrupting in normal conversation, but I don't do it to be malicious.

GIH talks to me during classes and says mean things about everyone else in the class. When I speak in class, she argues everything I say, as if I know nothing about anything, even if I'm talking about personal experiences. Case in point: talking about being one of less than 10 Jews in my high school of 1800. She's from Philly. There are tons of Jews there. And she's not Jewish. Leave me alone.

GIH's a rabid vegetarianism. I have no problems with vegetarians, just as much as I have no problems with Mormons, Evangelicals, NRA members, hippies. I don't agree with everything they believe in, but we put aside our differences and have wonderful friendships. But she insists on shoving her beliefs in everyones faces. In a mixed group, talking about cooking for ourselves, I mentioned a chicken recipe I discovered. A marinated chicken, but simple, non-gory, chicken. GIH looks at me and goes "Yea, can we not talk about that? That's gross." A girl mentioned one time that she had never tried falafel because she prefers meat and would rather not spend money on something she's not sure she'll like. GIH told this girl, who is one of the nicest, calmest, most agreeable person in this program, that she "must be really dumb then."

We're in a class together, The Female As Writer and Perspective in Post WWII Austria. I have since shortened the title to Chick Lit, as it's easier to say. The class is in no way "chick lit." Obviously. I am fully aware of that. I just think that it is funnier to call it such outside of class. I am interested in all the pieces I've read in that class. I just like mocking the title. GIH says that I am being derogatory and sexist. Nevermind that I'm a woman, that I write, that I am a feminist with a sense of humor.

Today's reason why I loathe her: GIH is leaving our toilet and going to the bathroom to wash her hands. We cross paths and I let her go first.
GIH: (standing) what are you doing?
Me: Letting you wash your hands
GIH: What?
Me: I mean, you have the door open, you're in the way-
GIH: Just GO.
Me: (walking past) sorry, just trying to be polite.
GIH: I mean, you don't have to make a big deal out of it. Just go.
Me: Yea, I just thought I'd let you go first. It's what people do when they bump into each other. I mean, I can understand how this would be a novel concept....

I hope she doesn't stay very late. I'm making marinated chicken, just in case.

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Maddy said...

ew i fucking hate her too. better yet, make BEEF. it's bloody!