Monday, December 7, 2009

December 7th

Music my mood is seeking: Mozart's Requiem. Thinking about Croatian cathedrals, brick paths, bright jewelry, peacocks, felted wool. I'm removed enough from my experience that the reminiscing has begun.

Cold here. Sat in my car for 20 minutes because it was so warm. Space heater is starting to smell like a hair dryer left on for too long.

Got a pedi-egg today, one of those foot shaver things. Easily one of the most disgusting purchases I’ve made, ever. It goes with the fascination I’m assuming is natural to humans, of what the body can produce (“wow, I can’t believe this came out of my ear!” “I’m going to pop this massive zit in this seedy bar bathroom!” “Your kids are so lovely!”). The shavings are collected at the bottom of the clear pink plastic egg. I made the mistake of running my finger around the rim. The flakes, instead of feeling dry as I expected, resemble more what I imagine human ashes feel like.

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