Friday, December 25, 2009


Like birds on a wire, we sit, facing off into the same distance

Really? Because I never understood that. I mean, what if a human was sitting on the wire? Would we get electrocuted too?
There's no way in hell it would support a human, not even a child.
Well, work with me here, please.
I don't know. Weren't you paying attention in high school?
She twists her cigarette into the slate table. Nah. I don't know.
Whatever. All I remember is being told electricity was like water in pipes, but totally different.

Today, Christmas morning:
Joyce, look at that bird.
Jesus, don't move so fast, you'll frighten him.
How do you know it's a him?
Erin, please.
Is it an owl?
Do we even have owls?
I can't see. My neck hurts.
No, Maggie said she saw an owl the other day, a white one. Does this one have a collar?
And it had a wide head!
Well. Then it must be an owl.

I didn't get a good look, but nothing about the bird looked like an owl.

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