Thursday, March 26, 2009

Things I want to write about,

in no particular order:

-Why I would encourage pianists to not do this program
-Why I would encourage singers to do this program
-Why I would REALLY encourage pianists to not make the same mistake I did in going abroad to a program where there are very few decent practice facilities open for a very limited time.
-How frustrating it is that the music isn't anywhere near divided up evenly amongst pianists. Not that I'm suggestion some sort of "share the wealth" thing. Everyone works hard, there's competition in our field, there's always someone better, etc, etc. Please. Brahms 4 hand music, Schubert Fantasy, Brahms Horn Trio, Schumann Piano Quintet, Beethoven Ghost Trio..... compared to a Beethoven 4 hand sonata that I would have played in high school,and accompanying we can sight read. Yea, there are other pianists better than me. But I'm not as incompetant as they seem to think, and I would definately not LOATHE the program as much as I do if I had music that challenged me.

Actually, I think I covered it enough for now.

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