Saturday, August 8, 2009

Barely Friday, I guess

And this post is sponsered by the fucking similarities between the words "Fremde" and "Freunde." Fuck you.

I haven't been this angry without being able to pinpoint it in awhile. I mean, I know what's wrong. But I feel like I'm 15 again.

This could be due to the time I've spent with a friend from that period in my life. Half of the time we talked, jokingly, as 20-something women do. The other half were painful reminders of my past, that I don't think she knows make me self conscious.

She did, however, admit some doubt. Have I really won over all these years? Funny my side as a neutral, hurt, scorned bystander played such a part.

Didn't say anything to her, despite many near-misses and quick covers.

"Oh, not a priest, I was just kidding! Speaking of that, my friend's getting ordained!"

"Oh, I don't know how big his dick is. I just happened to see an unrelated, uncut, pierced penis in recent times."

"Oh really? I'm attracted to tall skinny guys TOO!"

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