Friday, November 20, 2009


Each syllable rings in my head. Al-le, al-le-loooo-ya. Each year in choir a reminder of where the accent goes.

I'm feeling slightly better. Some things are upsetting me. Today I realized how much my roomate is like V. Physically, petite, offbeat fashion, eclectic tastes. Insecure. Unstable, creativity about to burst in every unexpected way, from cake decorating to tunnel making to singing songs about Jesus and tampons and sketching birds. Dependent, on people who can't help them, on conservative family who don't understand, on substances all the time. I found myself at first sympathetic towards one and loathing towards the other. Now I don't know what to feel. I almost think it's unfair to hold one in higher regard.

I might end with this-I've heard it twice recently and I really like it.

"Gloria!" - Barbara J. Pescan

The tenacity of Earth and its creatures.
Kyrie eleison
These children who will go on to save what we cannot.
Baruch ata Adonai
The ordinary tenacity of plants and of people.
The center of the universe which is everywhere, not the least place in the human heart
Love that survives anger, and winter, and despair, and sorrow, and even death.
Love that persists.
Nam myo-ho renge kyo
Calm that is the seed in the dark.
For endings that are beginnings, for beginnings that are endings.
For the circle, the spiral, the web, the egg, the orbit, the center, the seed, the flower the fruit, the opening, the death, the release, the seed.
We are going on.
It is going on.
Blessed be.

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