Sunday, November 8, 2009


The headaches are back. Once the weather makes up its mind, then my mind will make itself up. I hope. I bought flannel sheets today. Two sheets a handmade quilt a comforter and a mexican blanket. And a space heater that surpasses its power at least nightly. I text my roomate asking her to turn hers off for a minute so I can warm my room. I never know what to say to her. Sometimes she is reasonable, sometimes she tells me to fuck off, sometimes you can tell that she loathes me.

I was complaining about this to another roomate. We went to Chopstix, too early. Sat drinking our fancy drinks out of the delicate glasses. No music was playing. Another couple sat nearby.
I was warned about her, I lamented.
We continue to stare blankly at the table. Well, I was warned about her, but you know. People said, I can't believe you're living with [her], and others said, I can't believe you're living with [me].
I don't even look up, even though it terrifies me to know that someone else hates me. Who said this? I want to ask her. I think of mutual friends, or not-so-friends. I cross off names in my mind, suspiciously underline others for later.

The whole thing just makes me want to throw up.

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