Thursday, April 16, 2009


Practiced for a good 3.5 hours yesterday morning, followed by a 90 minute lesson. I was exhausted, for the first time physically from piano since I left Tacoma. It felt great.

Much shittier was having my ass handed to me on a platter in voice workshop. Never have I been told off like that from a professor, and while I probably deserved it for being unprepared I certainly wasn't expecting it. Another reason why I miss spending my time with pianists/instrumentalists vs singers.

I don't know. Maybe I do depend too much on my piano background. But I do consider myself a well-rounded musician-I hope this isn't cocky, but I do a lot, and I branch out into many areas. Sometimes it's hard, though, coming from the piano bench to center stage, especially since there is so much I don't know. I only know German and English; my Italian and French are hopeless. I think I know my voice, but it surprises me in ways both good and bad (unfortunately, the good is always in lessons, and the bad always in front of others). And yea, ok, I make the same mistake that I've witnessed in lessons millions of times by not looking up my direct translations, and I should know better, I wasn't expecting to be crucified for it. I was so embarassed, and in front of my peers. My face was flushed for the good five minutes I spent near tears.

Although I do love my voice teacher here, and I love singing in lessons. I'm just looking forward to the satisfaction I'll get from my practice routine at home.

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Maddy said...

:( that is the WORST. what is it with voice teachers being really good at making you feel like shit?!?! i'm sorry!!!