Friday, April 24, 2009

Sitting in the dark.

Won't turn on the lights. Heart is racing too much to stand up again.

Ten minutes ago. It feels like it just happened. Mary Kate and Lorena sit on her bed. I'm across.

I mean, they must not have shot someone.
Yea, I mean. Even if there were no fatalities.
Yea, I heard the caps on the floor. Thats how I knew it wasn't a firecracker. I was like, holy shit, there's shells.

Helmut calls. It's going to be fine. He tells us to stay in. That our landlord will come.

Twenty minutes ago. We sit on the bed. I'm listening to "Die Tote Stadt." Lorena and MK are laughing. Loudly. We can hear everything outside.

Aufstanden! Aufstanden!
We're down. Knees sliding across the floor. I slam our laptops shut. "Gluck, das mir verlieb."

It echoed. It's not fireworks.
I heard shells.
Fireworks cackle. Fireworks push the air.

There's a hush across the room.

Can we take a shot or something?
Oh, absolutely.
Maybe a mimosa?

We debate opening a bottle of champagne, and decide against it.

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Maddy said...

what? what happened?!?!? your artsy writing is too vague for my literal mind!!!