Friday, April 10, 2009

Heading home

This had better be the best 300 dollars I've ever spent.

I mean, I could spend another day here. But then it would be the day of my seder, and I need to cook. And we both want to be home for Easter-true, my celebration of Easter is nowhere near as special/sacred as what Zoe and most of the world consider it, but nevertheless wanting some time of relaxation, reflection, and probably margaritas, let's not kid ourselves.

Went swimming yesterday. Didn't care about being in a swimsuit, or the length of time it has been since I shaved my thighs, or my thighs in general, or anything. My only concern was the sharp rocks beneath my toes, the fish swimming between my legs, and the cold water. Which are far better things to concern myself with.

I also found dresses-two that I can wear for the weddings for twenty euro apiece, and another that I WILL play housewive in, as soon as I am in Washington with my apron.

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