Monday, April 20, 2009

Another day, another piece I can sightread easily.

Although sight-reading is one of my strengths, I'm just not being challenged in the piano program. And yea, there's more to playing piano than just reading the notes. But my experience in this specific music program makes me madder and madder the more I think about it, and since I'm reflecting on my time here, I think about it a lot. UPS pianists: don't waste your time.

A lot of good things have happened here, and I've certainly experienced things that are worth my stay. I've made some incredible friends, I've gotten to see so many operas, I've had some freedom from everything at home. And really, if the option is between going to Vienna for a semester and killing yourself, this is definately the better choice. But if you want to go to Vienna for an awesome chamber music program, this is not it. At least for me. Other pianists have gotten way more opportunities than me. EVERY other pianist (4/5) has gotten more opportunities than I have.

I don't understand, really. I mean, my audition wasn't my strongest, but it wasn't awful. And it was good enough that I didn't get recalled or cut, so what's the deal?

Ok, fine, I know this is going to prepare me for the disappointment of the real music world. But it still really hurts.

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