Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Day 2, notes from a Mexican Resturant

[From my notebook, about an hour and a half ago]

I am writing again in another melting pot, a Mexican resturant (the one with the lonely metal cactus in front, which I am delighted to see is strung up with Christmas lights), reading a menu that is in two languages I hardly understand, drinking a margurita. This is Vienna!
Whatever. It's one way to warm up.
I have a tendency to attract older men that won't leave me the fuck alone. Yesterday, first the Russian man who liked the Pentagon and kept apologizing. The Greek man who invited me back into his shop, and, when I tried to leave, gave me his phone number and told me to "call anytime, this is my cell." The younger black guy who told me I was beautiful after I refused to buy a calendar. Then, today. The man trying to sell me opera tickets. The man who brought me to the Albertina. I did meet a nice older man with a beautiful Hungarian hunting dog. He informed me that he walked his dog here all the time. She tugged at his leash while he informed me that he was a "gynecologist, my office is over there" as he pointed across the street. Good to know. He told me about one of his patients, a pianist whose name I recognized but now can't remember.
Holy shit, there is a koi pond full of monstrous koi. I'm not surprised, koi being the official fish of Mexico.
Oh my god another resturant playing Shakira. At least it's a little more appropriate here.
Don't go to Austria for Mexican food. Just saying. Althouh I don't eat veal, so wienerschnitzel is out.
The koi stick their entire heads out of the water.
I need to practice. I'm terrified for my audition.
Kandinsky-The Inner Alliance
Nisha comes tomorrow! I'm excited to not be alone, and to see her, of course.

Guten Morgen
Guten Tag
Auf Wiedersehen
Ich mochte diese buch kaufen
Kennst du.... wo ist....
Ein zwei drei vier funf sechs
Seben acht neun sehn....
Ich hilfen sie? Nein, danke...

Oh no the waiter brought over another marurita guess I have to drink it don't want to offend Austria.


Maddy said...

EW THE KOI would make me freak out! omg you are making me so excited to get there!!!!!


most wienerschnitzel is CHICKEN!! promise.