Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I used to think I was a morning person, justified by the fact that I rarely slept in until 11 like peers, even after a night of heavy drinking (in fact, those nights I usually woke up the earliest, around 6 am, usually upon sobering up). I hated morning classes as much as everyone else, but I had them, and I for the most part made it work. My mornings were get up and go.

I'm starting to reconsider that. It might only be during this intensive class, when I have the apartment to myself in the mornings, but I'm liking this leisure I have. I get up when my roommates do, and shower after them. By the time I'm dressed, they're out the door. So I have a couple of hours of quiet, to listen to Miles Davis and knit while looking out the window, or to make breakfast, or to do some homework, or some cleaning, or to walk around naked. By the time I am finally leaving for class, I've been awake for around four hours. I like this.

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