Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A fair amount of updates:

-Orientation was way better than UPS's. I'd much rather go be set free in a youth hostel, wander around on my own free time, and drink beer, than all the activities UPS had. Including camping and sitting on people on Todd Field.

-Apartment is pretty cool. Dated, but nice. Wood floors, decent kitchen, I share a room but it's decent sized-probably about twice the size of a Trimble single, but our closets are smaller, we have a big table instead of two desks, and a big window that I am watching the snow out of as I type.

-It's really fucking cold here.

-Our elevator is so scary. It is the third scariest aspect of this building. It's a two person elevator that I'm sure was impressive for the 1950s. We use that to do laundry on the sixth floor, which is the second scariest part of living here. The washing machine is locked in this little room above the sixth floor. We use a key (like a REAL key, with the long neck and two prongs at the end and the loop at the other end, like an antique, like what the stepmother uses to lock the good girl into her room so she can't go to the ball) to open the door and witness this contraption. To use this machine, which is about two feet high and across, one turns on the water, guestimates what the Celcius temp is, pulls some knobs, uses profanity, checks the water, opens the washing machine again, puts in soap, waits some more, hits the yellow button, hits the three grey buttons, hits the green button with success. To dry, there are lines strung up in the eaves of the building. Which are probably nice in summer, but it's below freezing up there. So I hung up 20-odd pairs of underwear on my bed, on the drying rack, on the heated towel rack in the bathroom. They're dry, and pretty stiff. I tried buying fabric softener yesterday (after asking my German teacher to write down the word for me), but the woman at the grocery store had no idea what I was asking for.

Oh, the scariest thing about living here is that the front door is never locked. Like the door to our building. We have a key for it. But most of the time I've just pushed the door and it opens. Which is a little concerning. We're going to email our landlord about it.

More later, as I probably should get dressed.... I audition for voice today!

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